Stormwater Pits Construction Sydney

Stormwater Pits Construction Sydney

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Types of Work

Stormwater Pits, What are they?

Stormwater Pits have a multitude of diverse functions for managing our water system as well as minimising the impacts on our environment. They retain the water before allowing it to drain at its required flow through the pipe systems attached to the pit. The structure itself, contains a pit floor, pit walls with outlet and inlet pipes and a pit roof or lintel and grate.

When the drawings and documents call for an insitu structure, we’re the team to call. We build stormwater pits in all shapes and sizes. Genesis can assist your company determine the most cost effective way to construct your next stormwater structure. We can help your company determine the construction program for each pit . This will ensure we utilise the most resources at any given time, speeding up the construction time and minimising your costs. Be sure to check our work on our website and socials.

  • Floor Poured, Reinforcement for Walls installed

  • Floor Poured, Reinforcement for walls installed.

  • Stormwater Pits don’t always have 4 walls. This drainage structure is ready for pouring the walls. We build pits to suit your pipes.

  • Pit roof and grates finished product.

  • Formwork and Reinforcement ready for Pour of Concrete Walls
  • Stormwater Pit walls poured and stripped. Ready for formwork and reinforcement for roof structure.
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